A diagnosis, seemingly helpful through its explanation, but questionably hopeful.

Questionably hopeful.

Hopeful because with identified problems there are identified solutions.


With a disease, rare in nature, relatively unexplored, lacking in attention and resources that would help those who suffer from it, is hope lost?

With a label for…

We all have Privilege to some degree. As I type this on my computer, I am faced with my privilege. Perhaps as you read this on your smartphone, you have Privilege. And, simultaneously, we lack Privilege, economically, socially, racially, etc…

As a half-white, white-passing woman, I’ve been born into great…

Yoga at-home has never been so enticing and…needed. The overwhelming number of online classes and teachers, not to mention distractions in the home, can deter one from a Yoga session. However, learning how to structure an at-home Yoga session removes potential stressors that detract from this beautiful time with yourself.

Zero-waste, Sustainable packaging, Eco-friendly, Organic, Plastic-free, Reclyed Materials… terms that motivate and excite those who have goals to reduce their environmental footprint.

Covid-19, Antibodies, Social-distancing, Epidemic, Pandemic, Sanitation, Vaccine; terms we are now familiar with due to the Coronavirus disease.

The Coronavirus-2019 changed and is changing the way we live…

This year, my Yoga practice changed drastically. No longer are the days of practicing diligently in a studio, as I’ve reconciled welcoming new forms of practicing, a.k.a. online yoga.

This transition is difficult, yet I am learning more about myself and my practice through this change. Most notably, I am…


Yoga is a journey, as you must be familiar with to come this far. You have arrived at your mat for a multitude of reasons and you perhaps thought you knew your reason to return. You try explaining your love for your practice, but words cant translate.

It is…

All Yoga classes include a sequence of poses. The amount of poses varies based on the class. Yin or Restorative may include up to 10, while a Vinyasa may include upwards of 20.

Yoga poses are referred to in Sanskrit as an “asana”.

Modern disciplines of Yoga derived from the…

Not all yoga classes are created equally

This is the beauty of Yoga: the fluidity, the ability to take what resonates with the individual and absorb messages or dogma that is suitable to their needs.

As a perpetual yoga student, I observed that some yoga classes may lack the baseline (fundamental) information that is needed to practice…

Natalie Hillyer

Certified Yoga Teacher, Photographer, Pun enthusiast @natalie_yone

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