Zero-waste, Sustainable packaging, Eco-friendly, Organic, Plastic-free, Reclyed Materials… terms that motivate and excite those who have goals to reduce their environmental footprint.

Covid-19, Antibodies, Social-distancing, Epidemic, Pandemic, Sanitation, Vaccine; terms we are now familiar with due to the Coronavirus disease.

The Coronavirus-2019 changed and is changing the way we live. We are all suffering, sacrificing, and coping in various and evolving modes.

Consequentially, we are forced to consider our impact on others; economically, physically, socially… This awareness, the consideration of our impact on others, diffuses beyond the parameters of our selves, our city, and our concepts. Perhaps expanding to include all factors that affect all the peoples of the Planet, perhaps the Planet itself.

The effect of, possibly a privileged value, sustainability still exists quietly in the shadows of our global suffering.

This Pandemic is leading me to reconsider my habits and how they impact other’s health. For example, who will be impacted by my waste? If not now, when? Will the microplastic materials perhaps ending up in someone's water or food? Who is being underpaid or suffering because of my purchases and choices?…

I suppose my consideration is I undoubtedly have an impact, how can I have the least harm for all beings and promote the greatest health for all beings?

I invite you to join me in bringing awareness to plastic usage this #PlasticFreeJuly or maybe, every day, working on habits for a conscious-waste lifestyle.

Certified Yoga Teacher, Photographer, Pun enthusiast @natalie_yone